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Math 13 Products


Math isn't just for Nerds

Our innovative digital math solutions move teaching and learning beyond math practice and routine calculation.  Whether a learner gravitates toward visual, kinesthetic, audio or any other learning style, our portfolio of standards-based math offerings engage, motivate and support kids’ core concept comprehension and math skills mastery. Contact a Curriculum Advisor today to find the teacher-friendly solution that’s right for you.

Science 7 Products


Girls can be Mad Scientists too

Our Earth, Life, and Physical Science programs harness engaging interactive media for true hands-on, inquiry based science learning.  These cool solutions motivate learners, breathing life and sparking “Mad Science” style interest for kids in key concepts through exploration, small group-work, and project based learning frameworks.

Social Studies 7 Products

Social Studies

History isn't Lame & Boring

Social Studies teachers have been starved.  Enter Mr. Frumpksy’s boring “sage on the stage” slideshow routine.  Mastery of the Constitution, American History, Geography, World History and Humanities get a new spin with our interactive media featuring humor, sarcasm, poetry, and hip hop with real rigor and fidelity to state standards.

Dual Language 7 Products

Dual Language

Illuminating Latin Lives

English Language Learners’ struggle for literacy and fluency is made much harder with content area materials that fail to engage and deliver on grade level expectations.  Bridge cultural and learning gaps with our dual language learning subject matter solutions. Our pre-K to 8 line of ESS! products offer content easily switching from English and Spanish with the click of a mouse.

Language Arts 10 Products

Language Arts

Lighting up Literacy

Grade level literacy is the key to all kids’ learning potential.  Mastery of reading, writing, and cognitive language proficiency fills teachers and kids with painful anxiety.  Our interactive Language Arts products cover key ELA constructs like phonics, academic vocabulary, spelling, reading, and expository writing, with special programs for bilingual classrooms.

Technology Skills 2 Products

Technology Skills

Everyone can be a Digital Native

Twitter, Quora, Digg, Google, Java, Apache, Red Hat, Linux, and SQL are not famous Native Americans. There is a real digital divide in this world of  “Delivering on the Digital Promise to Education”.  That means ALL kids’ need access to modern solutions relevant to how they’ll need to compete and win the jobs of tomorrow. The 21st century is here.