Delivering the Promise begins with purpose.

Billions invested in educational technology have resulted in marginal gains in student achievement outcomes. For most of America’s public school children, the ‘Digital Promise to Education’ has failed to deliver on expectations.

Using technology purposefully can positively transform education. Sunburst Digital strives to connect school districts, educational communities, teachers, parents, and students with innovative digital content solutions that genuinely improve teaching and learning. This is what the ‘Digital Promise to Education’ is all about.

The time is now to deliver on that Promise.

A Wall Street Journal article entitled “A Digital Promise to Our Nation’s Children” speaks out about the importance of keeping up with the changing times and embracing the digital revolution.

An excerpt from the article reads as follows:

Student achievement and educational attainment have stagnated in the U.S. And a host of our leading economic competitors are now out-educating us.  In a knowledge economy, such stagnation is a slow-acting recipe for obsolescence.

Imagine though, an online high-school physics course that uses video game graphics power to teach atomic interactions, or a second-grade online math curriculum that automatically adapts to individual students’ levels of knowledge.  All of this will happen.  The only question is: Will the U.S. Lead the effort or will we follow other countries?”

In recent months, the White House announced the launch of “Digital Promise,” a national center created to advance technologies that transform teaching and learning.  It will receive startup funds from the Department of Education in addition to support from others such as the Flora Hewlett Foundation.  The board will be made up of leaders in education and technology.  For more information on what President Obama is calling a “Unique partnership that will bring everyone together—educators, entrepreneurs, and researchers,” please visit the following websites for more information.