Transform Education With Us

Interested in working with Sunburst Digital?

Sunburst Digital products enhance learning in more than 97% of all U.S. school districts.  We design, sell, support, and provide ongoing services for our own digital content solutions and also select offerings from inspired education entrepreneurs.

As one of the nation’s largest sources for deliberately digital, high-quality academic content, we are always looking for innovative solutions and partners to collaborate with. We love to work with entrepreneurs and experienced educators intent on positively transforming education. Contact us and tell us about your solution or services.

We’d love to hear your story if you are passionate about:

  • Providing high-quality academic Digital Content
  • Capable of web-based affiliate marketing to schools, teachers, and parents
  • Providing independent educational sales services
  • Offering classroom support services in curriculum, instruction, and technology
  • Delivering high-quality teacher Professional Development services

Are you a Digital Content Publisher?

We bring to market our own award-winning curriculum and interactive software solutions through collaboration with our 3rd party digital content publishing partners.

Three decades of product development know-how with education industry leading sales and marketing services enables our knowledge experts to select innovative solutions that compliment schools’ needs.  We have years of insight on curriculum and instructional requirements, funding alignments, buying patterns, and most importantly for success: localized classroom-level teaching and learning priorities.  Our proprietary sales and marketing “Lead Machine”™ leverage technology and analytics beyond traditional e-commerce sales platforms.

Are you a Reseller, Web Marketing Affiliate, or Independent Sales Rep?

Sunburst Digital is a provider of educational resources through our product portfolio of leading digital content solutions for preK-12 education across the entire U.S. and abroad.

The Sunburst Digital™ and Educational Resources® brands are household names in more than 100,000 schools and over 14,000 school districts in the United States.  We positively impact teaching and learning for millions of students and teachers each and every day.  We have great digital content brands transforming education that can enable passionate providers of affiliate marketing, support, sales and professional services with a means to “do good” and “do well” at the same time.

Why Sunburst Digital?

  • We have deep customer relationships and broad reach into the K-12 market
  • We are talented, passionate people who know education. Our digital curriculum advisers include former educators, administrators, and subject matter experts
  • We have expertise in online marketing and lead generation optimized through the innovative use of technology
  • We are driven by a belief that effective teaching can change the world.
  • We each commit to a “Know More, Share Now, Own It!™” company ethos where we place expertise, communication, and responsibility as our top priority.